Mad Men 2.0

A inside look at New York City's elusive advertising industry.

Seventy-two hours is a long time—especially in the Big Apple. That's all it took for me and my friends to get a pretty good idea of what the city's advertising industry is all about. We toured nearly ten agencies, learning about the creative process, the importance of meaningful data and how the industry as a whole is on the brink of a revolution. (Oh, and eating a lot of pizza in the process.)

It's no secret: Advertising as we know it is soon to be extinct. First it was print, and now even digital strategies are (by themselves) insufficient. Don't get me wrong—if anyone loves holding a physical magazine in her hand, it's me. But, as we learned from Ogilvy & Mather President Adam Tucker, in order to truly connect with consumers, brands must be more than salesmen. They need to be engaging, entertaining, provide a service and–most importantly–have a clear purpose.

Take a peek at our journey.