Make Room for Art

Chicago has always had a way of bringing creatives together.

Photo courtesy of  Marco Miller

Photo courtesy of Marco Miller

After all, it's where immigrants like legendary architect Mies Van Der Rohe looked at the skyline and sought to make his lasting mark on it. It's where millions of Black Americans settled after the Great Migration, giving us the angry and passion-filled voices of Gwendolyn Brooks, Mahalia Jackson and Thomas Dorsey. It's where actors allowed themselves to be bold and daring, birthing improvisational theatre and some of the country's greatest comedians. 

From this spirit, Canvas Chicago was born. It's a series of events where you can get to know the city's up and coming artists, pitch your work and receive feedback from fellow creatives.

"We are each other's harvest. We are each other's business. We are each other's magnitude and bond." –Gwendolyn Brooks

Video by Nicole Ross + Megan Spiess